Owner / Head Coach


I have been training in the gym since I was 15 years old. I needed to build muscle mass to be able to play on a football team with guys two years older than I was. I had begged my parents to buy me a gym membership and in just three months I had put on 15lbs of lean mass. But that’s where my story get more interesting, because my promising football career ended early because of a torn ACL and MCL. I met with different doctors, physiotherapists and kinesiologists for rehabilitation and that’s when I really became aware of the intricacies of sport science. I become so enthralled by what the body was capable of doing that during cegep I decided to get my level 1 trainer certification (Ataraxia). I worked for 3 years. I really loved it and I got promoted to level 2 trainer in record time. I became known as the body composition expert (weight loss and muscle gain. I’m really just trying to look and feel my best, and I want to help other people achieve this. Ps, I love dogs and peanut butter.
Montreal, Canada


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