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Got any questions? Maybe you could find some answers below. 

We suggest you book an appointment with an Athletik Lab coach to learn proper form. This is important to prevent injury. From there, buy either a one-time plan, a subscription to our monthly plans or a custom plan. If you buy the plan first, take an appointment with a coach afterward so they can teach you how to execute the plan safely and effectively.

Even if you have experience training, a coach can offer you new challenges every session, and give you the proper push to train intensely every time. If private sessions are not for you, a subscription to one of our monthly plans will continually give you new challenges. Otherwise, a custom plan gives you the option interact with a coach to build a tailored plan.

If you don’t know how to do certain key exercises, like squats, deadlifts,etc, it is very important to book a session with one of our coaches. A coach is the most effective way to gain training knowledge and feel comfortable executing your exercise program. A zoom call in your home/gym is also an option if you want to work with us but are outside of Montreal,QC.

A zoom consultation is always recommended. Otherwise private sessions are a good option if you need to improve your training knowledge. If you have experience training but don’t know how to go about your injury/ health issue, a custom plan is a good solution.

A minimum of 3x/week is recommended. Our 1time plans are all 3days/week.

Coach Emma is working on home plans. Until they are released, a custom home plan is the solution. Otherwise, it is suggested that you get a membership/ purchase equipment for your home and take a zoom consultation if certain exercises were given on your plan and you would like a substitution for the equipment available to you.

Our zoom consultations are 19.99$/15mins. Book your call and we will give you suitable subsistions.